Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memekast 22 - dj_spaceinvader

This "Ghettobox" mix is a truly masterful one. Also, it's available for free download in podcast format at MK2 Reality Enhancement Systems.

dj_spaceinvader utilises a combination of vocals as percussive tools that evoke physiological responses in the body, "Audio Entrainment" (binaural beats as trainers of brain electo-magnetism), "Symbolic Resonance", "Direct Memetic Neurotemplating" and "Targeted Cognitive Interference".

Whatever the tools involved, you'll be dancing within moments of the opening glossolalic "uh" samples and "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" samples, and if you aren't, you must have a mind-block viz-a-viz dancing.

The first half of the mix is upbeat, and the mixing on "Hot Like We" by Ce'Cile and "Dark Side of the Sun" by Modeselektor ft Puppetmastaz is blistering, highlighting the vocal glitching involved and sending one's body into a state of delirious dance-craving.

Then, somehow the second half of the mix slows down, but lowers itself into a state where the listener is absolutely hypnotised. The vocals are sparse here. This is where it feels like the real neuro-altering work is being done, whether one is conscious of it or not. Dark basslines predominate, but the mixing of the mid-range drums and other percussive instruments to the treble high-hats seems to be what makes this so special.

As with all Memekast podcasts, the neuroelectrical-altering devices seem to work best when played on headphones.

Not all of dj_spaceinvader's mixes on Memekast work. But this is the one that indisputably positions him/her as one of the pioneering glitch/breaks/electro artists of the new millennium.

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